Meet The STA Logger

Clip it on, and forget its there.

See where the team has been, where they sprayed and analyse the patterns.

The STA logger is an integrated data logging attachment designed to fit to Solo brand knapsacks to create efficiency in data capture. Once fitted, it records location, time, herbicide application events, area sprayed and even categorises data into groups (e.g. weed types). Data is uploaded to the cloud overnight*, processed and delivered to your desktop or mobile device.

Why The STA Logger Matters

Simplicity of use

Field operators don’t need to do anything. Once fitted, it is entirely automatic. Let your field operators do what they are best at and let the STA logger get you the data you need.

Ease of reporting

Your reports have never been easier with analytics and map production available through browser interface with no technical ability required.


There’s no handling or processing of GPS files and it requires no manual intervention of any kind (other than charging a unit’s battery) making all your operations highly efficient.

Field viewing of data

Allow your operators to use Esri supported mobile apps in the field to navigate to infestations. iOS, Android and Windows are all supported.

Designed for the land management industry

Unlike other devices that are designed for general purpose use, the STA logger is designed for recording and reporting the metrics that are important to land management and conservation industries.

Integrate into your GIS

If your organisation or client uses GIS, they can add the data as a layer (without download) for advanced analysis or map production.

Meet the Owner

Harley Schinagl


Coming from a background in environmental science, Harley has 15 years experience working in industry solving environmental and geospatial problems for domestic clients. Harley has worked on major projects in the water, energy, mining and conservation industries. Proficient in most desktop GIS applications, he is also very experienced in web app development and mobile data collection tools. This means he can build a workflow that runs from your mobile device, right through to your end report. Proficient in Python coding, he can also help automate your existing workflow to turn your data management into a single click operation.Harley also has a unique background in remote sensing from satellite and drone derived data meaning he can supply a turnkey solution to a geospatial problem without a boot even touching the ground. Harley is also a published environmental scientist and continues to work in the research field. He has worked with multiple universities in environmental and geospatial research including Federation University, Monash University, Melbourne University and the University of North Queensland.

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