STA logger GPS rentals

The STA logger is an automated data logging that retrofits to weed control equipment and allows you to GPS map your weeds while you spray. It then automatically reports the data to your desktop. We designed it to assist those in conservation to accurately and objectively map weeds while they are conducting weed control works. It then uploads data to the cloud, where it is processed and it presented in a browser so its users can visualise, download or publish the data. It is a complete weed management solution.

The automation of the system, from data collection, to upload, to processing and presentation requires ongoing services to be constantly ticking over in the background. And because of that, the STA logger requires a subscription fee for each unit. Click here to view a sample web application.

At the onset, we recognised that this may be limiting for some weed management organisations, particularly smaller ones who could not make such a significant commitment to the purchase of the hardware and constant renewal of a subscription. Particularly so for small management committees who’s funding may be sporadic. Yet organisations and groups like this are usually at the forefront of invasive species management and are the ones undertaking some of the most critical actions to reduce the cover of weeds in our regions. So it has always been at the back of our mind to address this and help support these groups.

Well, today we are pleased to announce that we are now offering rentals of STA logger hardware within Australia. We hope that this option will open the door for smaller companies and groups with limited or fluctuating budgets to access the STA logger for their weed management programs. If a short-term project arises, the cost of rental of the sophisticated GPS hardware can be forecast without the issue of funding hardware costs, or committing to subscriptions fees.

With the rental you will get:

  • All the required hardware to fit the STA logger to your spray equipment so that you can GPS map your weeds automatically while you spray (it does not include the spray equipment itself).
  • Unlimited access to view and download the data through the web browser (browser download is limited to csv format).
  • The option of viewing and extracting the data via desktop GIS (if you have the required software and capabilities).
  • The option of receiving the data in a range of different formats via downloadable link at the end of your rental period.

When you’re done, just ship them back. Too easy.

To enquire about rentals, contact us with details on how many units you need, for what spray equipment and for how long. Review our parts page to understand what spray units we support.

By offering rentals of the STA logger, we hope to provide a sophisticated weed mapping solution to more users across Australia.

Private Contractors

Contractors that offer weed management, land management, site rehabilitation / restoration services.


Government and Industry

Organisations who have weed management teams or engage private contractors. Industry (like forestry, mining, oil and gas, water, planning, etc.) who have legal environmental obligations and are required to report to government.


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