Compliance testing and availability.

When you plug the config cable into the STA logger, it becomes a mobile hot spot. Because of that, it…

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Announcing our partnership with Esri

TerraLab, the designer and manufacturer of the STA logger announced Esri Partner Network partnership with Esri, the global market leader…

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STA logger location accuracy

The STA logger contains a GPS component which provides the data with its location. It is a common question we…

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The software and services that make the STA logger work are continually refined and maintained. On this page you will…

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GPS Weed Mapping

First of all, the phrase “GPS weed mapping” is a bit cringy, but to be honest, it’s what a lot…

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Spare Parts

The STA logger integrates into your existing weed management tools. If you broke something, or need extras you can purchase…

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Simplify weed management tracking and reporting with an efficient and easy to use platform