Processing weed mapping data – What does the STA logger do?

Hopefully you’ve read our primary article, “So, why the STA logger?”. In it, we discuss the practical limitations of performing…

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Mapping trees as you plant

Many STA logger customers are involved in the treatment of invasive weeds in natural landscapes. But for quite a few…

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Into the Weeds

We’ve recently contributed to the November 2022 feature article for Esri’s ArcWatch publication, titled “Into the Weeds” which discusses the…

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Managing STA logger data in ArcGIS Pro

We’ve made improvements to further enhance your experience when working with your weed mapping GPS data. This will change how…

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STA logger GPS rentals

The STA logger is an automated data logging that retrofits to weed control equipment and allows you to GPS map…

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Setup of the STA logger parts

The STA logger is essential weed mapping equipment and will help improve your data quality and efficiency. The booklet that…

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